highlights of London days

  • At Kensington Gardens, cooing mating calls at pigeons. Subsequently cooing at every hot guy we saw.
  • At the Tate Modern, seeing a woman grab and nearly bend a statue out of shape while reading a panel description on the museum wall. This was followed by a lengthy debate with the museum guard as he rushed to the scene to get her to stop.
  • Viewing classical art, making some grandiose bullshit comment about the art, yelling “ART HUM” and walking away.
  • At Wagamama, inhaling bowls of ramen and chicken curry. It’s strange how one has to go to Britain to get decent Japanese food.
  • 2£ silver goblets at the Portobello Road Market that were ultimately not purchased.
  • Getting crunk at a flat party at Queen Mary. Looks like drunking college parties are the same on any continent. (The British love the Glee soundtrack too.)
  • Jumping shots in front of Stonehenge to pass the hour. After the first 15 minutes there, the rocks get kinda old.
  • Reduced end-of-the-day sales at the Harrods food courts. All of the luxury at half the price!
  • In Oxford, dining at the White Horse pub. Great beer and historic atmosphere (apparently the same pub frequented by Clinton and Churchill).
  • Getting shot down by RyanAir – an epic failure that I never want to see happen again. Dublin will always be the Saint-Patrick’s day that never was.
  • Afternoon tea at the Chesterfield Mayfair hotel. It was our most expensive meal, but arguably the best. Also, the British seem to have difficulty discerning “chocolate milkshake” from “chocolate milk”. Lesson learned: after sitting for two hours eating pastries with three pots of tea, one will undoubtedly get the caffeine shakes.
  • Primark X3. The New York girl’s mecca.
  • The Yeoman Warder’s tour in the Tower of London.
  • Eating at a pub in Greenwich while enjoying European football and rugby. So much cheering, so much bromance.

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