angry letter to PrezBo

I woke up bright and early today to get myself to the President Sarkozy event that I had registered for last week. When I got there, the line ran down the Low Library steps, across Low Plaza and onto College Walk. After waiting for about 30 minutes in the rain, C and I were told that “between the French delegation and registered guests, the room was over-capacity” and that we had to head to an over-flow room in our student center to watch the event on a screen. We gave up because 1) we didn’t sign up to watch a tv screen and 2) seeing as it’s Columbia, the live feed would probably screw up anyway.

While this series of events is most-likely commonplace at Columbia, it’s the first that I’ve experienced. So Prezbo, here’s a list of things you should have done better, considering that Columbia has held many events of this nature in the past:

  1. Don’t let people over-register and allow them the false impression that they will be attending an event
  2. When it says “doors open at 8AM”, don’t make everyone wait outside, in the rain, until 9AM.
  3. When announcing to a crowd of 70 that they have wasted their time in line, try to be a least a little apologetic.
  4. Grow a pair while dealing with the French. They were able to their whole delegation in, while keeping out registered students and the photographer for our student newspaper… Three years ago, you told off Ahmadinejad. I’m sure you could tell off Sarkozy too.

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