For my final college Spring Break, I went on a Lisbon-Madrid-Barcelona eurotrip. It was pretty much all I could ask for in a final Spring Break trip. I ate way too much jamon Iberico, drank way too much Spanish wine, and took way too many photos of me doing both along the way. (Have I mentioned the special place in my heart for Portuguese egg custard and Spanish papas bravas?) 

Europe, if this hasn’t been said enough, is fucking awesome. If people thought that New York was the city that never sleeps, they sure have never been to Madrid. People were only starting to go out when I was heading back to the hostel at 2 a.m. Oh, and they sure know how to appreciate futbol there. At the Madrid Bernabéu Stadium, a Madrid v. Hercules game packed the enormous stadium… and it wasn’t even a high-stakes game! 

Lisbon is a small, but ever-so-beautiful city… every single one of my photos turned out postcard-perfect. Really, I couldn’t even try to take an ugly shot of Lisbon, even with some of the overcast weather we encountered. Lisbon was also the city with the most hipster hostel – it was like the Urban Outfitters home department threw up in the lobby. 

Barcelona was my favourite town – beautiful beaches, neighborhoods galore, Gaudi’s genius… Here, we also discovered the Spanish version of Bud Light (Estrella Damm et al) as well as the best sandwich in the world. If it’s made with ham from free-range black Iberian pigs that roam oak forests and feed on a diet of acorns, you really can’t go wrong. 

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