Coders by night

48 Hours Apps is a genius idea. It brings together four developers who pledge to build your mobile application over one weekend, after which they hand over to you the complete code and IP. All of them have day jobs, so this probably more of a side project than their bread and butter. I was recently thinking about how the whole startup work culture is very collegial – the flexible work hours, the fun office atmosphere, the project-driven deliverables… The whole startup scene seems just like one giant plot for super geeks to extend their college experience past the usual four years. 

48 Hours Apps seems like a perfect collegial company. (In fact, I’m surprised that college students haven’t figured something like this out yet.) Given our flexible schedules, students would easily be able to launch something like 48 Hours Apps. A pop-up factory that gets motivated minds together to hack for a weekend and learn something new, all for a quick buck. I see this as an opportunity for something a little more involved and polished than the usual college hackathon, perfect to get young minds to see coding as a way of life. 

Coders by night

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