Move On, Love


As someone who’s experienced heartbreak, and seen a number of her friends go through similar relationships and breakups, I can only conclude that Dear Old Love can’t be healthy. For anyone.

It can’t be healthy for the contributors. Ultimately, Dear Old Love just another outlet for them to…

I sat in bed this morning, reading my Tumblr feed and noticing two things. First, how often Dear Old Love updates. And second, how absolutely terrible some of these contributions are. There are admissions of adultery, halitosis, and just plain bad practices for moving on from broken (and often unhealthy) relationships. 

So this is my new project, Move On, Love. In short, it is a satire of Dear Old Love. But more importantly, I want to be helpful in the way that jilted lovers wallowing in self-pity need to be kicked in the ass by a sassy gay friend. Read on, and hopefully you will be amused and become able to love again. 

Move On, Love

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