DIY bookcase?

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about furniture. Enthusiastically, because I’ve just moved out of dorms and will soon be moving into an apartment that I will have to furnish (for the first time, ever!) Recently, I have also resolved to lead a more nomadic life. That means, getting rid of stuff that I don’t use and stop buying things that I don’t need. 

One of the biggest issues I have with stuff is books – I love them, but I can’t always allow myself to by them. In the rare occasion that I cave, I also want somewhere nice to put them so that I can flip through them every so often… I’ve been searching online for a great bookcase idea I had. What if there were one cubic feet boxes that were movable units? One could stack them together to make a bookcase, or take them apart and instantly have moving boxes for all your books? 

I’m thinking of making something like… until I saw that plywood was actually pretty expensive and I couldn’t see where I’d get access to a table saw. Thoughts?

DIY bookcase?

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