Quick and dirty to-do lists

I recently met up again with a fellow Columbia alum at General Assembly. While neither of us really hung out during our time in school, it was definitely nice to see a familiar face again. He had recently started working at Producteev, a multi-platform task management app. (Full disclosure: he gave me quite a convincing pitch, but I really do love what this app can do!)

Producteev is currently an iPhone app with a Mac application in the pipeline. It has the ability to sync with many of the task applications I’m already using, such as Google calendar. What is really cool is the way you can input your tasks. Instead of the usual fields to fill, such as “date due” or “priority”, Producteev allows you to write everything in one text box:

Econ problem set due next Thursday 4* @Jason

Writing this on liner allows me to assign my designated teammate Jason this task, marked with a 4* level of priority. Pretty cool, right? 

Producteev has also allows you to enter tasks via e-mail or by IM. Although the website settings interface is a little lacking right now, the iPod/iPhone app works wonderfully and responds quickly to new inputs. I’m excited to see this tool develop (Android app, plz), especially since I’m a stickler for writing to-do lists, but have never found something that was low-friction enough to use on a daily basis.

The app is currently free for single users, but if you’d like to use it as a project management tool for a small team, it’ll cost you anywhere from $5 to $30 per month. 

Quick and dirty to-do lists

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