So wrong, but such comedic gold. And here for a collection of one-liners:

  • “You give them an inch, and they’ll take a square mile of one of your houses in the Hamptons. And that’s actually true. That’s been documented.”
  • “Capitalism is alive and well, as evidenced by my beautiful apartment. And my second beautiful apartment.”
  • “If this keeps up, I’ll have to kick my cocaine habit.”

In all seriousness, I was initially unsure of this protest. It seemed disorganized, unfocused, and even pointless… it was never clear what exactly they were demanding. But, at least in some small way, the Occupy Wall Street movement has created ripples within the Tumblr community with We are the 99% and We Stand with the 99%.

It is hard to predict the big-picture impact of grassroot movements when we are standing at the very beginning. But there is now at least a glimmer of hope for systemic change. 

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