Google Listen

I’ve always been a huge fan of listening to others talk. When I was younger, I remember borrowing tons of books-on-tape at the local library to listen to as I cleaned up my room, or did chores around the house. When I got my first iPod, I loved that the podcasts subscriptions on iTunes were all free. 

Since getting an Android (and subsequently having my iPod break on me), I’ve been looking for a decent podcast management app. Recently, I’ve started using Google Listen, which is a podcast streaming app that updates via the RSS feeds. At first, I found it somewhat clumsy to use – there wasn’t a great availability of podcasts through its in-app search function and it wasn’t clear whether the app was updating automatically.

I’ve since found ways around these issues. For one, my Google Listen RSS subscriptions have showed up in my Google Reader (surprise!), which gives me the option to listen to podcasts easily on my computer as well. Furthermore, while the in-app search function is lacking, Google Reader has made it easy enough for me to subscribe to any podcast on the web that has a functional RSS feed. 

If you’re also a fan of podcasts and a loyal Android user, give this a try! Some of my favourite subscriptions include: 

Google Listen

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