2011 Gift Guide (or, What to get someone who already has everything)

I am not a huge fan of gift exchanges. This is not because I am a Scrooge – in fact, I enjoying gifting much more than receiving. I dislike gift exchanges because I’m rarely in a situation where I’m in need of something that I can’t just get myself. And plus, there’s nobody who knows my preferences better than I do, so buying me a gift only sets yourself up for failure. 

Since I’ve garnered a small reputation for myself as a techie at work, my boss asked me yesterday to give him a couple of ideas for last-minute gifts for his wife and brother-in-law. Here’s the list I’ve put together for him: 

  • Jawbone’s UP for the fitness buff
  • The Roku TV for the couch potato
  • iPod Nano turned wristwatch with LunaTik for the design fiend
  • ThinkEco’s modlet for the eco-conscious
  • Birchbox subscription for the fashion savvy
  • Foodzie tasting club for the adventurous foodie
  • Lytro camera for the photographer (not available until April 2012)
  • Nest thermostat for the homeowner (rare in NYC, but still…)
  • I also suggested Fab and AhaLife as good website for gift shopping

Even though his wife just got an iPhone (Up?) and is an environmental lawyer (ThinkEco?), he decided to go with a 5-month subscription of Foodzie for her. In his own words, “who doesn’t love food?”

These are some of the new products and services that inspire me most this holiday season. Do you have any suggestions to add to this list? 

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