Keeping in touch in the new age

One thing about spending Christmas at home that irritates me is the constant stream of phone calls we get on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It’s a time when friends, relatives, and even acquaintances come out of the woodwork to give their season greetings. 

Is this purely a Chinese thing? I’m not sure, but it seemed so counter productive. Christmas Eve is probably one of the busiest in my house, when most of the day is spent preparing a large feast for the guests arriving in the evening. Christmas Day is when we all want to lie back, digest all the food, stuff ourselves further, and spend some quality family time in front of the television. A polite phone call is what we least desire on either days. 

In contrast, I’ve been receiving plenty of text messages and e-mails from friends to wish me a Merry Christmas. Others have chosen to update their FB status with well wishes for all or have sent me an IM on gChat. These are far less intrusive ways of letting me know that they are thinking of me during the holidays. 

What are some other creative ways people are sending holiday greetings this year?

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