The New Year

New Year’s Eve is my favourite day of the year – it has all the festive trimmings of any other holiday with the added bonus sense of hope and renewal. The tacky saying of “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” is actually acceptable on a day like January 1st. New Year’s resolutions have rarely been a big thing for me, partly because I think turning over a new leaf is something that can and should be done on any day. (And partly also because time is an artificial construct, but that’s another blog post altogether.) But in the spirit of things… here are mine.

#1: Worry less
In this way much more than others, I am my mother’s daughter. In fact, I have a knack for not only worrying about what’s to come, but also dwelling on things that have already come to pass. There is usually a fine line between worrying and evaluating/thinking/reviewing, and I hope to tread it much more carefully this year.

#2: Take more risks
If there is one thing I dislike about my upbringing, it would be the lack of different options I explored as a kid and a teenager. Growing up with a Tiger Mom meant taking a structured path to success, but the structured path is not necessarily the happiest one, or even the safest one in today’s economy. A friend recently reminded me that if I’m not receiving rejections regularly, then I’m not taking enough risks. In that case, here’s to getting rejected more often in 2012. 

#3: Find focus
As I read Steve Job’s biography, I oddly empathized with his insane conviction that he was going to die young and his obsession to accomplish everything he could early on. In a similar (but non-morbid) way, I want to have this same sense of urgency in my life. Having just graduated from college, I’ve found myself for the first time without a structured timeline or explicit set of goals. And it’s terrifying. For the first time, I’m not sure where I’m going or how to get there. 

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