Facebook S-1 Round-up

I hope that everyone’s recovered a little from last week’s Facebook S-1 tizzy. I thought about writing a blog post about the filing, but realized that everyone and their mom has already done that for us. As John Battelle said, 

Not since Google’s 2004 filing have so many journalists sped-read one document at the same time, eager to glean any possible insight unique to their particular point of view or publication and rush to post it before anyone else.

Instead, here’s a collection of the posts I enjoyed the most: 

  • First things first, you should download the PDF version of the S-1 to read along.
  • If you aren’t a reader, then this Bloomberg video is probably a good enough to get the highlights of the Facebook filing. 
  • To get just the quick and dirty, check out Ben Parr’s top 10 interesting stats.  
  • Lee Hover, VC at NextView Ventures, took a closer look at the finances and discussed the quarter-over-quarter variance in revenue. 
  • Bill Gurrey, VC at Benchmark Capital, put together an insightful analysis of Facebook’s robust business and why it should be part of the 10x Revenue club.

Any other resources I may have missed? 

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