Kings County Distillery (or, I’m famous!)

A couple of a weeks ago, I visited the Kings County Distillery with my buddy Moses. It was something we did on a whim, but we ended up enjoying the visit so much that we both splurged on a bottle of Bourbon to take home. We spoke briefly with Josh Dawsey, a writer from the WSJ, while we were touring the “Boozeum”… little did I expect to be quoted in his article!

Some visitors, like Jordan Kong, seemed initially skeptical when presented with three cups. She sniffed two before taking a swig.

“It’s pretty good. It’s not as harsh as it smells,” she said.

(Quite profound, I know.)

Here’s a full wall of Bourbon and Moonshine at the “Boozeum”. 

bottles of Bourbon and Moonshine

Their Moonshine is a thrice distilled liquor from fermented mash of corn, rye, and barley. At Kings County Distillery, the Bourbon is essentially Moonshine that has been aged 13 months in American Oak barrels. Moses wondered how seasonality affects the taste, and we were told that several barrels were blended together to make a uniform end product.

oak barrels

Moses and I also took a walk around the Vinegar Hill neighborhood. We stumbled upon a wedding ceremony in Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

wedding in Brooklyn Bridge Park

The outing ended with a fantastic dinner at Vinegar Hill House, where we got stuffed squash blossoms, steamed black bass, braised lamb neck, a cheese platter, and the lemon tart. One of the best weekend outings I’ve had in a long time.

Kings County Distillery (or, I’m famous!)

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