Over MLK weekend, I completed my second half-marathon with a sub-10-minute-mile pace. Challenges overcome included a nasty cold that I caught two days before the race, windy and rainy conditions on the course, and the lack of a timing device to help keep pace during my run. 

At the starting line, and again at miles 1, 2, and 3, I couldn’t help but wonder why I would put myself through this. By the time I got to the last mile and sped through the finish line, my spirits had definitely improved and there was no question in my mind that it had all been worth it.

I took the trip down to Bermuda on my own, which gave me a great opportunity to make some new friends. It was surprising how friendly the local Bermudans were! Of course, I also met many runners, most of them were serial marathoners. My favourite conversation starter was, “Do you like running? Or do you like the runner’s high?”

As I reflect upon my experience with running, I most definitely fall in the “love the runner’s high” camp. For the most part, running for me is still somewhat strenuous, and until my muscles warm up (which takes a while), I am not enjoying the process. Perhaps this is also a reflection of my working style – I am more of a goal-driven than process-driven person. 

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