non-morbid postmortems

I have a friend who likes to discuss everything. Each time an event occurred – say we were walking together, ran into a mutual acquaintance, and chatted for a while – she’d want to “talk about it”. In college, I’ve also been part of tons of organizations where debriefing was possibly even more of a main event than the thing we were debriefing. 

At some point, i considered becoming a regular Yelp contributor, just so I’d have the opportunity to reflect on all the restaurants, coffee shops, and bars I’ve visited. And in doing so, hopefully to also reflect on the events and conversations that happened at these establishments. 

Lately, I’ve had the pleasure of having tons of productive conversations – maybe it’s because I’ve been meeting so many new people, maybe it’s because the bay air is just different from the pollution in New York. These conversation tend to refer to things we’ve read previously and promised to share with the rest of group later, or something that we all couldn’t recall and agreed to look up afterwards.

In most cases, there’d also be some key take-aways, for lack of a better term. Things that I learned, things that we discovered together, things we laughed about, and things that kept us thinking after the conversation had long ended.

I’m looking for a way to properly do postmortems for everyday, but highly relevant, occurrences. Think about it – when’s the last time you re-read notes that you took during a meeting / talk / presentation?

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