Six Things Technology Has Made Insanely Cheap

I believe that technology and democratization goes hand-in-hand. If you examine the now-commoditized products listed in this article (PC, software, TV, trading commissions, camera, cell phone plan), you can also follow how such technologies became much more widespread and accessible to the masses as prices dropped.The subtitle of the article boldly proclaims, “behold the power… Continue reading Six Things Technology Has Made Insanely Cheap

Marriage Success Rate as a J Curve?

Khazan: What about people who say that there is a paralysis of choice—that online dating makes us non-committal because we can always go on a date with somebody else? Yagan: I think that means you end up in a better relationship. When you decide to stop going on OkCupid dates, it means you’re happy with… Continue reading Marriage Success Rate as a J Curve?

Uber and the Economics of Price Surging

There’s been tons of emotional outrage and blog posts on the repercussions and implications of Uber’s price surges. Uber’s been addressing this criticism with the protest that price surging is just a result of free market forces. As an Economist by training, I can’t help but add my two cents, because as an Economist by training, I also know that free… Continue reading Uber and the Economics of Price Surging

A very upbeat Business Insider article celebrated the exponentially growing Global Economy with this graph from the Economist. While I have no doubt this is true, I also suspect that if we calculated “economic output” per capita, we’d get a much more conservative outlook. 

How to Succeed in Business (by showing up late)

DR. Dre, the sonic architect of gangsta rap, is surrounded by a gaggle of slack-jawed journalists and micro-skirted cocktail waitresses. It’s not quite 5 in the afternoon, and already the scene is a testosterone fantasy of swaggering grooves and flowing vodka. Dr. Dre, however, is here on business. Born Andre Young, he was a founding… Continue reading How to Succeed in Business (by showing up late)