Columbia Startup Job Fair

While it was the Columbia Venture Competition that first introduced me to the startup scene in New York, it was really the cool kids at ADI that got me involved. Earlier this year, I attended many of the events at their first annual DevFest, complete with a hackathon, demo day, and a host of speakers… Continue reading Columbia Startup Job Fair

When big companies kill internal products

When I took a beginner’s tennis class for my P.E. requirement in high school, the instructor basically broke the course down like this: There are two ways to learn how to play tennis. The first is to go the Justine Henin-Hardenne method - chuck as many balls as possible to you when you’re still four… Continue reading When big companies kill internal products

Number 4, meet Number 5.

Back in April, I tweeted bitterly about the possibility of Stanford invading NYC with a science and engineering campus of its own. The possibility of Stanford coming to NYC has resurfaced with recent developments of a partnership with City College. Since then, my feed has also been abuzz with Columbia affiliates reacting to the news. … Continue reading Number 4, meet Number 5.

Bartab… so why is this a thing?

This week, I met three interns that worked at this startup. Bartab is a social drinking application that allows you to send $1 drinks to friends, redeemable at a host of partner bars across the US. The app started on Facebook and was awarded $25k from FBfund. I’m not sure how many people were employed at this company,… Continue reading Bartab… so why is this a thing?