Silicon Valley’s Youth “Problem”: A Rebuttal

By now Yiren Lu’s “Silicon Valley’s Youth Problem” has made it way around both my personal and professional circles. As a young person living and working in Silicon Valley, I felt a strong sense of resentment after reading the article. The author focused on specific and superficial examples to build a case against many of the talented founders and engineers I… Continue reading Silicon Valley’s Youth “Problem”: A Rebuttal

End of an Era

New York Magazine recently published a feature on the state of New York’s finance industry, somberly titled The End of Wall Street As They Knew It. Much of the article focused on how new regulations, such as Dodd-Frank and Durbin, have dramatically changed how investment banks can continue to operate.  At the boom’s peak, banks like… Continue reading End of an Era

Number 4, meet Number 5.

Back in April, I tweeted bitterly about the possibility of Stanford invading NYC with a science and engineering campus of its own. The possibility of Stanford coming to NYC has resurfaced with recent developments of a partnership with City College. Since then, my feed has also been abuzz with Columbia affiliates reacting to the news. … Continue reading Number 4, meet Number 5.