MR = MC (or, The @Dwolla Approach)

As one VC recently told me, “You can’t walk down the block without someone talking about mobile payments these days.” With new entrants (Square, Groupon, Dwolla) in this space, as well as incumbents (Paypal, ISIS, Google) increasing their payment offerings, there’s no doubt that the sector is ready to take off.  Ultimately, each provider is… Continue reading MR = MC (or, The @Dwolla Approach)

Columbia’s DevFest 2012

Today marked the closing Demos for DevFest 2012, the annual program for hacking and entrepreneurship events hosted by ADI. While the demos are meant to showcase the efforts of the student hackathon that kicked off last Saturday, participants were also encouraged to show off projects that they had been working on before DevFest began.  This event… Continue reading Columbia’s DevFest 2012

Is Google Search broken? These two images indicate that it just might be. (Background: The Spreading Santorum website/meme began in 2003, when sex columnist and gay rights activist Dan Savage re-defined Santorum’s name as a protest against the then-Senator’s anti-gay agenda. Ironically, Savage has stated on his podcast that he and Santorum used to be college roommates… Continue reading