Silicon Valley’s Youth “Problem”: A Rebuttal

By now Yiren Lu’s “Silicon Valley’s Youth Problem” has made it way around both my personal and professional circles. As a young person living and working in Silicon Valley, I felt a strong sense of resentment after reading the article. The author focused on specific and superficial examples to build a case against many of the talented founders and engineers I… Continue reading Silicon Valley’s Youth “Problem”: A Rebuttal

First Thoughts on Meeker’s Internet Trends

I’ll always remember how excited I was every time Mary Meeker’s report came out – especially when I was still a banker at Barclays. It not only contained tons of useful market data (a gold mine for analysts), but it also marked the steady passage of time. You could always count on a new Meeker… Continue reading First Thoughts on Meeker’s Internet Trends

What the @Facebook @Oculus acquisition tells me about the future

` Both the Internet and my own circle of friends have debated this issue to death (so price. much social.) And as Fred Wilson puts it,  It isn’t clear if the next thing is virtual reality, the internet of things, drones, machine learning, or something else. Larry doesn’t know. Zuck doesn’t know. I don’t know.… Continue reading What the @Facebook @Oculus acquisition tells me about the future

Learned Behavior: how the best products eventually change their users

When I evaluate product, either at the early or late stage of a startup, I’m always looking to see if the product has the potential to permanently modify user behavior outside of the product itself.  A few examples of this: Instagram : double-tapApple designer Bill Atkinson devised the double-click, and soon it became the de-facto… Continue reading Learned Behavior: how the best products eventually change their users

Quick Thoughts on @YCombinator’s First #FemaleFounders Conference

YC’s FFC was one of the more enjoyable conferences I’ve been to in a while. The attendees were great, the format was brisk, and the content shared was by and large very helpful.  At one point, there was a panel of founders discussing the topic of fundraising. Two things hit me: It was weird. I… Continue reading Quick Thoughts on @YCombinator’s First #FemaleFounders Conference

Re-building TaskRabbit One Use Case at a Time

TaskRabbit is getting disrupted, in the same way craigslist was just a few years ago. Andrew Parker at Spark Capital once posted this graphic showing how craiglist is being replaced by a host of startups, a single vertical at a time.  The market of low-skill services is also being displaced by a crop of new entrants: Postmates:… Continue reading Re-building TaskRabbit One Use Case at a Time

Unbundling @Facebook: what the Whatsapp acquisition tells us about Facebook’s mobile strategy

When the HTC First was released in early 2013, critics scoffed at the idea of a so-called “Facebook Phone”. It didn’t help that the product appeared half-baked – and many considered it to be Facebook’s first flop. AT&T quietly dropped the phone from its offerings mere months after launch.  Today’s announcement of Facebook’s $19B acquisition of… Continue reading Unbundling @Facebook: what the Whatsapp acquisition tells us about Facebook’s mobile strategy