Re-building TaskRabbit One Use Case at a Time

TaskRabbit is getting disrupted, in the same way craigslist was just a few years ago. Andrew Parker at Spark Capital once posted this graphic showing how craiglist is being replaced by a host of startups, a single vertical at a time.  The market of low-skill services is also being displaced by a crop of new entrants: Postmates:… Continue reading Re-building TaskRabbit One Use Case at a Time

Unbundling @Facebook: what the Whatsapp acquisition tells us about Facebook’s mobile strategy

When the HTC First was released in early 2013, critics scoffed at the idea of a so-called “Facebook Phone”. It didn’t help that the product appeared half-baked – and many considered it to be Facebook’s first flop. AT&T quietly dropped the phone from its offerings mere months after launch.  Today’s announcement of Facebook’s $19B acquisition of… Continue reading Unbundling @Facebook: what the Whatsapp acquisition tells us about Facebook’s mobile strategy

Another kind of bubble

A while back, critics and cynics were calling the internet an echo chamber. While the Internet was supposed to be a platform for democratizing speech and content, new web algorithms have steered the web into the complete opposite direction. These “smarter” algorithms have been designed to make content hyper-targeted for individuals without his/her consent, thus… Continue reading Another kind of bubble

ill logic on the state of the bubble

Last week, at the D9 Conference, Marc Andreessen soothed everyone’s worries about a tech bubble by saying that it’s can’t be a bubble because everyone thinks its a bubble. He claimed that  a key characteristic of a bubble is that no one thinks its a bubble. While his premise is accurate, this isn’t a case… Continue reading ill logic on the state of the bubble

Startups, EVERYWHERE!?

It’s a little intimidating to see how many tech/web startups are poppin’ up these days. weeds presents over 15 startups a day on their blog and encourages readers to vote for the next big thing. Sometimes, it discourages me how absolutely ridiculous and useless some of these startups are. In fact, the quality of… Continue reading Startups, EVERYWHERE!?